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How can I get my logo printed on the Cord-Lox?

There is a 250 piece minimum required for custom printing. We can print one color, and you can refer to our color chart to see the different material and ink color combinations. This is important because certain ink colors do not print well on certain materials colors (i.e. red ink does not work well on black material). We need a computer file of your logo, preferably an .eps, or a hi-res (300 dpi) .jpeg. Black and white art work is best, with no drop shadows or gradients. Since we are printing on a textured surface, the larger the type, the more legible it will be. Type should be a minimum of 12 pt., but we can work with you to get the best image for printing. Our printable area is about 1″ x 3.5″ maximum, so we feel it’s best to just print the most important information (logo, phone #, website) so it’s easy to read. We can work with your logo or type set something original for you — we have thousands of fonts to work with.


Can you print on OneWrap®?

Unfortunately, printing on OneWrap, which is basically hook & look attached back to back, does not come out well. It’s like trying to print on a sponge— we just can’t get enough definition printing on the loop or hook.


I don’t see what I need on your website. Can I order a custom strap?

Yes! A large part of our business is making custom straps for a huge variety of applications. We would need a drawing with dimensions, and a materials list. The more specific you can be the quicker we can provide a quote. We will provide a first article sample for a nominal fee.


What colors are available for Cord-Lox? For custom webbing straps?

Please refer to the color chart for the hook & loop (Velcro®) colors. Not all colors are available in all sizes, and we can also special order some colors that are not shown. The available webbing colors really depend on the type of webbing (nylon, polypropylene, polyester, cotton, etc.) 90% of the webbing we use is black, red or blue, but other colors are available. Contact us for more information.


I have a special piece of hardware that I need to use on a custom strap. Can you add this to a strap?

Yes, we can, but the more specific you can be the better. There are literally thousands of different types of snap hooks, buckles, etc. We buy from several major suppliers, so we can get just about anything, but you need to know what you want. We can send you links to catalog pages that may help narrow down your search. Also, if you have your own specialized buckle or fixture, we can manufacture a strap using your parts.

What is the lead time for a custom order?

Most custom printed and fabricated strap orders are made in two to four weeks. It does, however, depend on the availability of materials, as well as the complexity and quantity of the straps.


Can I buy directly from your website?

You can purchase most of our standard Cord-Lox products in small quantities from the website. Most of our models are also available on Amazon.


I need to have the ends of the strap rounded off. Can you do this?

We can either round off the ends (called radius) or cut them to more of a point (called bullet-nose) on hook & loop straps from 5/8″ wide to 2″. We can do the same for webbing on special orders, but they may incur extra costs because the ends have to be heat sealed by hand.


How can I get a sample of a custom strap design? What is the cost?

Once we get pretty close to the dimensions and necessary materials, we will make a detailed drawing to verify everything, then make a sample for approval. For some simple straps there is no charge; for more complicated ones it would run $25.00 to $50.00.


What size of Cord-Lox do I need for a 25′ or 100′ cable?

That depends on a couple of things. First, how thick is the cable, and second, how it is wound up. If it’s a heavy gauge 15′ cable wound up in a small thick bundle, it may take the same size Cord-Lox as a 100′ mic cable. If you let us know what you are going to use the Cord-Lox for, we can give you a pretty good idea of what size and model would work best.